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Interchurch Relationship - 12/25/02
The nature on how a church is governed affects its way on how it will relate to other (true) local churches of Christ. Actions taken by churches unto another will either be opposed (when it is permitted) or allowed (when it is unwarranted).
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by: Jose Francis Martinez

Is the [Sr.] Sto. Niño biblical? - 12/9/99
One prominent feature of a religion in the Philippines is the veneration of the [Sr.] Sto. Niño. Although many are questioning its practice, different people use different arguments to justify it. » read more
by: Jose Francis Martinez

The Atheist's Option - 6/26/00
'I believe in God'- this is the first confession of almost all religions. But when asked the next questions, it leads to as many answers as there are religions. Which God? How many? How do we know Him? » read more
by: Noel A. Espinosa

Repentance - 4/16/04
Repentance is a response demanded by the gospel which many, in our day, brush aside as of no great and pivotal importance. They would press the absolute necessity of faith, if anyone is to partake of the saving benefits which the gospel offers, but not repentance. And anyone who insist on it they would consider as legalistic and pharisaical. Repentance, according to this view, can follow later after one is already "saved". » read more
by: Jose Francis Martinez

The Claims of Jesus - 9/13/00
There is no question about the fact that Jesus is the most well-known figure in the 20th century. Any where throughout the civilized world, people have heard of the carpenter of Nazareth named Jesus Christ. Sad to say, only few really know the claims Jesus made of Himself. » read more
by: Jose Francis Martinez

on the twin tower tragedy - 9/18/01
Amidst much sorrow, anger, and fear, the tragic event that hit America raises many questions that demand answers: "Where was God when it happened?", "Why did He not do anything to stop it?", "Did God allow it to happen in order to humble American pride and arrogance?" » read more
based on a sermon preached by: Jose Francis Martinez

Spiritual Declension - 4/17/02
Whenever God plants the seed of spiritual life in the soul of a human being, that seed is meant to abide and to grow and to flourish. » read more
by: Jose Francis Martinez

The Sinulog - for God's glory? - 2/6/05
"The Sinulog is a religious activity and festivity. Therefore it must be pleasing and glorifying to God." Perhaps that is what you are thinking. Maybe that is the reason why you [join] the festivity. But think again. » read more
by: Jose Francis Martinez

Only Mediator - 9/13/00
Simply put, a mediator is a go-between. A mediator acts as bridge between two parties which for whatever reason cannot have direct dealings with one another
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by: Jose Francis Martinez

Philippine Slothfulness - 4/8/04
Perhaps there is no need to prove the unpleasant fact that one of the prevailing problems of our nation [the Philippines] is sloth. And this should concern every child of God because, as church history demonstrates, the prevailing problem of a particular society will always tend to have some measure of influence in the life of the church in that locality. » read more
by: Jose Francis Martinez

Coldness in Worship - 12/28/99
- that's a criticism which Charismatic churches often label against conservative churches. Are they right? » read more
by: Jose Francis Martinez

A Reformed Baptist Congregation - Kingsport, Tennessee
Biblical Spirituality - 8/1/00
In November of 1994, Newsweek did a cover story on "The Search for the Sacred." It observed the popularity of spiritual concerns among people all walks of life. Contrary to what was expected to be the demise of religion with the advance of science and technology, the opposite happened. The Spiritual is 'in.'
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by: Noel Espinosa

Behold the Crusified Messiah - 9/8/00
The Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul, described three different reactions people had during the First century to the preaching of the Messiah . . .
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by: J. F. Martinez

Are you prepared to die? - 1/10/00
Most people do not like to talk or even think about their own death. It is a very disturbing subject. However, the death of someone we know, or coming close to the experience of it, reminds us that "it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment."
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by: Jose Francis Martinez

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