SGBC - A reformed baptist christian church in Cebu, Philippines
The Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Cebu
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Mactan Station

Take Banawâ bound Jeepneys plying downtown Colon Street, Fuente Osmeña, and Capitol.
Look in the signboard, "ASIAN ARTS" , if not, ask or request driver to proceed to the place called, "Asian Arts."
Otherwise, you may walk over a hill from Lupâ for about 200 meters, before reaching the old Asian Arts warehouse.
From Ayala, take the Labangon via Banawa route. Disembark when you reach the point Asian Arts.
From Asian Arts take road (to the left) on foot heading to Ma. Paloma Village.
*Asian Arts is a manufacturing company name. This is no longer in operation, but its name has been used as a landmark to the place.
*Ma. Paloma Village is often confused with La Paloma Village.
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